update--we are bringing the tims cbx out of retirement and my son WILL BRINT  will be racing  it in the ahrma 2014 superbike heavyweight series this coming year-and  GREG GEONIS will be fielding the thruxton in the ahrma thruxton series again as well--scroll down for race results and a gallery of pics from the tracks and  pits



we  have a video of wills 1st ever win at road america above-

the race starts at the 9:30 mark and the 4 guys in front of him are in the superbike heavyweight class with him












To view race results scroll down

will brint will be riding the #118 tims cbx race bike in the superbike heavyweight class  for 2014

TIMS # 118 CBX
greg geonis is riding the #36 tims cbx triumph thruxton in the thruxton cup series again  for 2014
TIMS # 36 Thruxton
roebling road raceway march 2014 race results

will brint # 118 --4th place on sat and sunday in his  debut on the TIMS  honda cbx--he showed signs of being extremely competitive by dropping 3 seconds off his time each day ,considering he had never raced or rode the cbx before,he will only get better as the season goes along

greg geonis #36 --3rd place on sat and sunday in the thruxton cup series-2 hard fought battles on both days and sundays race he edged out a competitor  by .003 seconds--with consistant podium finishes were hoping for a  points championship this year from greg

nola (new orleans raceway)  march 2014 race results

will brint # 118-4th place on sat and his "1st podium finish" on sunday in 3rd place (awesome for a kid in his 4th race ever on the beastly cbx )--hes meeting his goals,slowly but surely--hes a very consistant rider who gets better each time out on the track,look for him to keep the heat on the top 2 drivers the rest of the season

greg geonis# 36-- greg got caught up with a strong local showing from thruxtons who knew the track very well and realized his chances of a podium were just too unrealistic against riders who run track days  there every weekend and settled for mid pack finishes on both days

  road america wisconsin june 2014 race results

will brint # 118-- saturdays race-dnf--clogged petcock stranded him on lap 1--but we cleaned the tank and he rebounded to win 1ST PLACE ON SUNDAY!!!!!--he also bumped up to formula vintage class on a later race and finished 2nd behind an ex ama racer on a tz 750--the 4 mile long track allowed him to use all the motor that we cant use on most 2 mile tracks and it showed as he blistered past the competition on the straightaways--out of nowhere all of a sudden were in the points chase for the championship

greg geonis # 36--another mid pack finish amongst 16 thruxtons on saturday--and the same on sunday-- they pulled all 16 thruxtons to the side and there was a protest  for running an illegal intake-15 of them were disqualified for doing so,the 16th person was apparently legal--the saga will  come to a head sooner or later about this issue,-im sure the thruxton forums are lighting up the internet 

barber motorsports park october 2014  race results

will brint # 118 --will finished in 6th place both days,with a bevy of ex ama roadracers that always show up at barber,fortunately these guys dont get points as they only race a few marquis tracks

greg geonis # 36--greg lowsided at barber 2 weeks prior to barber vintage fest as an instructor for jason desalvos track day on a wet track and new tires---he was unable to race this weekend and may be out for daytona as well

daytona super speedway october 2014 race results

will brint # 118 --will finished in 2nd place behind arthur cowett (the ex ama road racer) and our arch nemesis over the years--the good news for us is arthur is finally retiring his kawasaki kz 900 after 30 something years of ama and ahrma racing--with enough points will still ended up winning the "WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE AHRMA  VINTAGE  HEAVYWEIGHT SERIES"--not a bad way to end your 1st ever year of racing and on a cbx at that!!!!! how about our fans shouting out a big hoorah for will--email him at wbrint@ymail.com and let him know youre all proud of him for this incredible feat he has accomplished this year and bringing a cbx back into the racing scene!!!!!

greg geonis # 36--greg was still too banged up to race at daytona this year--it looks like he will bail out of the thruxton series and will be fielding a honda cb 400f in the superbike lightweight series with us next year--and if i can convince the boss to let me out on the track again next year i may be out there on a bike as well--stay tuned !!!



trying to stay ahead

is he dragging a knee in this one???

down time under the tent between


you know we had to have our fill of great cajun food in new orleans and my sister knew just the right places to go

some of my family  came out to support us

and take us to the best eateries in town at night

wills 1st trophy - is he l happy or what??


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