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below are our newest items

for 2015

TIMS now offers an oem style oil line-virtually identical to oem and even the crimping is spot on--

$250.00  exchanged --just cut off the ends for exchange-no need to ship the whole line

TIMS now has oem style blinkers--they are the 2 wire blinkers only but are virtually identical to oem


$125.00 each






TIMS now offers a complete master carb rebuild kit for the cbx-this kit comes with everything you could possibly replace on the carbs,other than float needles and jets--courtesy of old school carbs

$225.00 for all 6 carbs

TIMS now has custom stainless steel euro style crash bars --they come with all the hardware ready to bolt on


TIMS now has black braided brake lines for all years--its a nice  stock look but superior braking to the old rubber lines

$195.00   set of 4 lines

pic coming soon




TIMS  carb sync kit allows you to sync your carbs after a carb rebuild--kit comes with gauges, mounting rack, threaded rods to attach to carbs ,vacuum lines and gauge stabilizer restrictor clips




TIMS now has brand new fork tubes for the 79/80 and the 81/82 cbx--




TIMS  now has a limited supply of OEM  style seat trim kits available--virtually identical to the original seat trim 

$165.00  set


TIMS now offers cryogenically processed and rim polished rods--an economical  alternative to forged rods -a dramatic reduction in friction, elimination of metal pitting, reduced lubricant temps, reduced vibration and gear noise and extends the part life by 2-3 times

$250.00 per set exchanged


TIMS now has oem style brake lines for  all years including sport kits--these lines are very similar to the original lines and will keep your bike looking stock--comes with the rear and front lines

$195.00 set


TIMS now has brand new oem style crash bars to fit all years of the cbx-these are virtually identical to oem


Tims now offers an Oil Pan Extension. (this allows for and additional 1  quart of oil for Turbo or High Performance Applications) Comes With the extension, the oil pick up extender and both upper and lower sealing gaskets as well as the longer bolts to attach it to the case.



 Tims now offers OEM look alike pipes. double wall construction. Identical to the original pipes. No jetting required




TIMS  now has new 6/1 exhaust syetems available --these are stainless steel headers with a custom moto gp style header They have equal length headers for more hp than the old Kerker style pipes and equivalent back pressure, and it is a 1 piece header for ease of installation.comes with mounting springs and crush washers to mount them with





TIMS now offers falicon  knife rods for  turbo  or high performance motors

       $1675.00 set of 6

TIMS now offers falicon  lightened and knife gated super crank--a must for turbo or hi performance motors

$725.00 ultralite super crank

$225.00 cryogenic service

customer supplied crank

Tims now has Ohlins Shocks with remote resevoir to fit the 79/80 -limited supplies as they only produce them twice a year


out of stock


TIMS now offers oem style shocks--these are virtually identical to the oem ones--

$195.00 set


TIMS now offers custom ground  cams--available in drag race, street rod or full road race profiles



TIMS now offers shim under bucket kits and lightened retainers made of aerospace/military spec aluminum alloy and heat treated--total weight savings of 79.2 grams-- $1175.00 for the kit or

  $ 295.00   for 24 retainers

  $ 895.00 for the shim under bucket kit

TIMS now offers new brake pedal plugs


TIMS now offers new 79/80 kickstand bolts


TIMS now has our infamous key  fobs 


TIMS now has our popular billet oil fill caps out of stock until further notice   


  TIMS now offers our own exclusive fork brace for the 79/80- and the 81/82 available in polished finish only at this time

$ 189.00  for both models



TIMS now offers our trademark insignia t shirts-large logo on back

$11.95 l,xl,

$14.95 2xl,3xl

TIMS now has sweatshirts just in time for the fall

$16.95 L,XL

$19.95 2XL.3XL


TIMS now offers individual decals for the 1979/1980 CBX 

$5.00 each  decal

TIMS now offers several license plate frames for the cbx

$9.95 EACH


TIMS  now has our turn signal relocation kits for the prolink models again

$89.95 a set

TIMS now offers a hydraulic clutch kit --it is a direct bolt on application --no welding, no drilling, no modifications whatsoever. It retains the stock choke cable..   $ 495.00


Tims now offers a modern Alternator Conversion

- It eliminates the clutches, the regulator rectifier and the brushes will last around 45 k miles and it even charges at idle-- No more break downs or that pesky pinging noise the clutches often produce at low RPMS.  $695 for Black or Silver, We now have 100% polished ones with billet logo cap  for $795  -limited quantities



Black or carbon  with or without  Reflective x

Gel Dome Decals, These decals add depth and brilliance to your side covers. Designed to fit over existing decals

$35.00  a Pair

TIMS now has a clutch socket removal tool--just slip it on your ratchet and wallah--it takes the nut off easily



TIMS  now has replacement battery cables.

$39.95 per set


1979 / 1980 Gel Domed Brake Caliper Decals

$35.00  for a set of  3


TIMS now offers a heavy duty starter for the cbx--it has a permanent magnet and 4 brushes instead of 2--NO CORE  EXCHANGE REQUIRED--comes with an attractive billet end cap-will last virtually forever!!!



TIMS now offers a brand new regulator rectifier to fit all 4 years of the cbx



Tims now offers  Round Slide CR Race Carb set up

These carbs are pre assembled, ready to bolt on - comes with velocity stacks,and intake boots--add  k/n air filters for an additional  $175.00 if you plan to ride on the street

     An instant 15 HP gain !!!!

$ 2,195.00

Tims now offers a Cafe/Quarter Fairing to fit the 1979 / 1980 CBX Comes in a gloss Black finish with a smoke windshield and all the mounting hardware. Tims now stocks these fairings painted in candy glory red or silver with correct OEM  stripes

  $99.00  basic black $325.00 silver or candy glory red

Tims now offers a replacement boot for the wires exiting the ignition cover


TIMS NOW  offers oem stly left hand and right hand controls for both the 79/80 and the 81/82 -please specify year when ordering--no sport kit controls as of yet



Tims now offers a new alternator rubber to seal the wiring harness


Tims now offers a new oil sending unit boot for all models


TIMS  is now offering an engine rebuild  program--we can  completely rebuild your  motor including  the starter, alternator,clutch  and carbs  ready to bolt up to your frame-WE ALSO OFFER COMPLETE HEAD WORK ,PORTING AND POLISHING, AND CYLINDER BORING ALONG WITH A COMPLETE CARBURETOR REBUILD  PROGRAM-- contact us for details and pricing  



TIMS also stocks over 200 Honda OEM parts primarily for engine rebuilds. Check with us before you pay top dollar on E-bay / TIMS has replicated many O-rings and seals that have been discontinued by Honda. And TIMS always sells available honda parts at Honda prices, so why buy from the dealer when 1 call or email gets them delivered to your front door

TIMS been selling Dyna Ignitions for years - Many of you are not aware that by installing this part that it eliminates the spark units of which are starting to go bad on most bikes - plus it allows 12 volts constantly to the coils-add dyna coils and have 30k volts supplying spark instead of the stock 20k volts for better performance!

















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